Recombinant Protein Over-expression and Purification

Recombinant Protein Over-expression and Purification

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AprexBio is pleased to launch the protein expression and purification service. AprexBio has the necessary know-how to deliver the best possible results to our valued customers. We have the capacity to take your project directly from gene synthesis to protein expression and purification.

At AprexBio, we are proud of our ability to optimize protein expression, maximize product yield, and ensure purity to serve every aspect of your research needs.

Protein Expression Systems at AprexBio

1. E. coli Expression System

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is one of the most widely used hosts for the production of heterologous proteins.

The advantages about this system are:
(1) low cost
(2) fast turnaround time
(3) well established purification procedures

2. Drosophila S2 Cell Expression System (DES)

The DES is widely used for the production of precisely matured, folded and processed recombinant proteins. In contrast to E. coli, insect cells are able to incorporate post-translational modifications. This unique tool usually yields high amounts of the target protein, making it highly cost effective in comparison to other eukaryotic expression systems.

3. Mammalian Expression System Mammalian cell lines (CHO, HEK 293, etc.)
The Mammalian Expression System is widely used for the production of recombinant glycoproteins (e.g. vaccines and enzymes) as well as hormones and immunobiologicals (e.g. antibodies, interleukins, and lymphokines), as they have the advantage of full posttranslational modifications of the expressed protein.